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My Father Needs Your Prayers

This is a story of a miracle of the most important kind. My father is near the end of his life. He is 79 – born in 1940. He has been in a hospital bed for several weeks in extraordinary pain. To give you a sense of who he is, about ten years ago he


Small Heralds of the Dawn

On this feast of the child saints of Fatima, we do well to mark the words of Pope Saint John Paul II: “…the Church wishes to put on the candelabrum these two candles which God lit to illumine humanity in its dark and anxious hours.” Claire Dwyer remembers their brief lives and eternal message of prayer and hope.


Do I Need to Know Where I am In my Spiritual Growth? – Video

Do I Need to Know Where I am In my Spiritual Growth? – Spiritual Reflections | Some people criticize those seeking to understand where they are in their spiritual growth (purgative, illuminative, unitive, etc.), is this appropriate? Should we know where we are spiritually? Is it ok to pursue this kind of knowledge?


The Desire for a Child

The desire for a child is an innate yearning share by many women; however, the struggle to fulfill this longing can be very burdening. Hannah from the Bible encountered these difficulties before achieving her heart’s desire, but remained steadfast in her trust in God throughout.


I am Frustrated with Distractions in Prayer! – Video

I am Frustrated with Distractions in Prayer! How Can I Deal With This? | Spiritual Reflections – This morning I was distracted and struggled with prayer… Here’s how I wrestled with my own weaknesses. In short, having the right expectations can go a long way to helping us to avoid frustration when we struggle with prayer.


Thy Face is My Fatherland: Under the Gaze of God

Some of the greatest saints of the Church  – and through Scripture, even God Himself – have used the example of gazing into the eyes of another to try to capture the beautiful and astonishingly real experience of God’s great love in the soul: contemplative prayer.  Claire Dwyer reflects.


Q&A – Desolation and New Podcast

Topics/Questions Covered in the Show: Desolation New Podcast! Resources: Spiritualdirection.com –  website EWTN Global Catholic Radio – EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network, join us all week for our solid Catholic radio line-up programming. Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation – Under the patronage of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the mission of the Avila Institute is to draw