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Solemnity of Saint Joseph

Why do we celebrate the Solemnity of St Joseph today? Liz Estler reflects on this feast and explores the history and tradition surrounding it.


The Best Prayer for a Busy Day

On a typical night, I’ll tumble into bed and toss up a tired prayer or two, mentally reviewing my day from God’s perspective.  I can be tempted to discouragement as I look back over what can sometimes seem like missed opportunities.  As much as I’d like to remain recollected all day, consciously living each moment


Should I Pray the Rosary in the Car? – Video

Should I Pray the Rosary in the Car? – Spiritual Reflections | Dan talks about whether or not it is good or acceptable to pray the rosary in the car. He also reflects on how we can pray the rosary with greater attention and devotion, even in the car.