Rebecca Sande

Rebecca Sande is a wife and mother of six who writes from Wisconsin. She received her BA in English and journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was blessed to work professionally in the pro-life movement for American Life League and in the political realm as a legislative assistant in the Wisconsin State Assembly. She has been a contributor to Living Faith-Daily Catholic Devotions. She is passionate about education, saints, the dignity of women, and the beauty and wisdom of the Catholic faith. Her involvement in the pro-life movement began in high school and college, praying and witnessing on the front lines of abortion clinics, and continued as a founding board member of Pro-Life Wisconsin. More recently, she served as moderator for the pro-life group at her children’s parochial school for seven years. She enjoys reading, running, writing, baking and celebrating the liturgical year with her family.

Articles By Rebecca Sande

Woman–Happy Mother’s Day!

“Whether you are single, consecrated, religious, or married; whether a physical mother or not, the feminine gift of maternity allows a woman to mother another. Through her body, in her thoughts, her words, and actions, women engender life in others.” – Rebecca Sande

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