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The Cry of St. Monica

Some join for a day, others for a lifetime. Some hold whole handfuls of people they long to see in full reconciliation with Christ. All who become members of this club, however, wish they weren’t members. The first step in turning this pain from a defining ache in your heart into an act of giving and prayer, is to name the reality of the hurt.


The Right Way

The right way is one of order, peace, and true freedom. The right way is God’s way.


The Love of Esteem

What is the love of esteem of God? Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen explains in this excerpt from his classic Carmelite meditation book “Divine Intimacy”.


Celebrating All Saints!

Does celebrating all the saints in heaven (canonized and uncanonized), today, increase their honor? Does it do anything for us? Find out from this excerpt of a sermon by St Bernard the abbot, from the Liturgy of the Hours today.

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