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Love in All the Wrong Places: On Leaving Behind the “Land of Transactions”

I read stories about people who while living as prodigal sons sensed ‘something missing’ only to find it in the Church and came home to great rejoicing. Yet I had lived my whole life in the Church, and still felt an absence, an emptiness, a profound lack of joy. Like the prodigal’s older brother, I wondered, “Where is my feast?” – Grace Abruzzo


Solitude: A Deeper Revelation

Fr. Jeremiah Shryock, CFR, gives a homily to the nuns of the monastery of Bethlehem in Livingston Manor, New York, where he serves as chaplain.


Rooting Out Hidden Faults

Join us for this episode of Divine Intimacy Radio “Rooting Out Hidden Faults” where we interview Kristen van Uden, spokesperson of Sophia Institute Press, on


Solemnity of Corpus Christi

“The solemnity of the Corpus Domini [Body of the Lord] is not just the simple memorial of a historical event which took place almost two thousand years ago at the Last Supper; rather, it recalls us to the ever-present reality of Jesus always living in our midst.” – Fr. Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen


Difficulties in Prayer?

Join us for this Q&A show episode of Divine Intimacy Radio “Difficulties in Prayer?” where we answer your questions about prayer! If you would like


So Close: The Breath of God

“I’ve often had the sense of being called “into the deep.” But at this point more than ever I saw that I could not go alone: to swim safely in the deep, I had to remain in the arms of the Father.” – Grace Abruzzo


The Letters of St. Paul of the Cross: ‘Live Abandoned’

“This confidence to put back into the hands of God all things and to not presume anything is a pleasing submission to the Lord that He will honor and surely let His will be known over time with convincing evidence and many confirmations. Let this attitude of holy indifference be our aim.” – Amy Knight


Detachment in the Spiritual Life

“I quickly realized I, like most people, talk a good game. We are confident when the lights are on and our stomach is full. But you really don’t know yourself or your attachments until someone takes them away.” – Rob Marco


Take Up Your Cross

“Like Naaman, I was overlooking the simple, everyday things the Lord was asking me to do as ‘not enough.’I was looking for some big, grandiose suffering instead.” – Sarah Yurgelaitis


War and Peace

The Pillar of the Family The basic moral principle of Domestic Society is: the family is the natural unit of society and the right of

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