Category: Mercy

On Mercy and Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is a particular expression of mercy, and it is distinct from other forms by an important detail.” – Fr. John Burns


Divine Mercy and Habitare Secum

“To learn to live with ourselves – this is to look at those places in our lives in which evil has a foothold and to offer these to God so that we can realize in ourselves how Divine Mercy is the limit of evil.” – Dr. Anthony Lilles


Merciful Like the Father

“God truly understands how difficult it is for us to be merciful and yet, He still asks it of us. Why?” – Carmelite Sisters OCD


The Charcoal Fire

Peter must see again to the need to be washed, not just externally, but in the deepest place of wounds and weakness. He must walk with Jesus again, being again called to be made new. What was not possible alone is possible in Christ. Peter is called as living witness that even from our sins, God can make something new and even better.

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