One of the most liberating gifts that we can receive from the Heart of our Heavenly Father and Jesus, our Savior, is the free gift of mercy. But do you sometimes find yourself struggling to receive this gift? I mean really receive, in the innermost depth of your being with unshakable certainty?

Do you sometimes find it equally as hard to give His mercy to others when you have been hurt? Know that you are not alone!

The most magnificent and utterly incomprehensible attribute of God is His boundless, infinite, overflowing, superabundant mercy. Knowing, experiencing and sharing His mercy is critical to the vitality and authenticity of our spiritual life, so much so that in today’s readings Our Lord makes it perfectly clear that He “desires mercy not sacrifice.” Mercy over sacrifice. He is proclaiming that mercy toward ourselves and others is a much higher form of love than all the physical penances and sacrifices we could offer. And, let’s be honest – giving mercy is oftentimes a sacrifice!

God truly understands how difficult it is for us to be merciful and yet, He still asks it of us. Why?

Precisely because He knows that we are radically incapable of it on our own. We must come to Jesus, like poor but confident little children, to ask for this grace. Once we have received His mercy it comes alive in us. We are set free! Then, we realize that Merciful Love is not just an attribute, but a Person Who wants to live His Life of Love and Forgiveness in and through us, healing hearts and bringing back the lost sheep.

Where will you allow Merciful Love to penetrate more deeply into your mind and heart today? Who will you love more tenderly and mercifully?

His Merciful Love is all yours.


This post was originally published on the blog of the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles and is reprinted here with permission. 

Image by Pompeo Batoni, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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