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Why Do So Few Believe in the Real Presence?

“Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence of the Risen Lord because teachers, ministers, and public voices have winked at evil and rejected the demands of the Gospel. We wanted the comfortable and the reality of this Presence was inconvenient.” Dr. Lilles knocks it out of the park today on the blog.


From Atheism to Catholicism

Dan Burke and Melissa Elson speak with Dr. Holly Ordway about her contribution to the book “From Atheism to Catholicism” to find out what drew her to the Catholic Church.



Why should we desire to be converted, and converted all the more? Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen reflects in this excerpt from his classic Carmelite meditation book “Divine Intimacy”.


Fasting is Not a Diet

What is the difference between fasting and dieting? Patti Maguire Armstrong explains…just in time to make a difference in our Lenten observance this year!

Confessions of a -Say the Black, Do the Red Catholic- -

Confessions of a “Say the Black Do the Red” Catholic

I have no doubt that the Pharisees would have loved the phrase, “Say the black, do the red.” By the way, I always say “Amen!” when I read it myself. Here’s the hard part: external orthodoxy is a distorted orthodoxy when it is not accompanied by a properly oriented interior life.

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