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Changing Spiritual Directors

What is the proper etiquette for changing one’s spiritual director? Find out when Father John Bartunek answers a reader’s question about this concern which may come up during various periods of one’s spiritual life.


10 Steps to Finding a Spiritual Director

Finding a good spiritual director is not easy. However, for those serious about advancing in prayer and the interior life, it is important to keep looking until you find a good fit—not necessarily a ‘perfect’ person, but somebody pursuing holiness, knowledgeable about prayer and the Catholic faith, committed to the Magisterium, and deeply desirous to help you grow spiritually and discern the movements of the Holy Spirit in your life.


The Exorcist Diaries Part 6

Join us for this episode of Divine Intimacy Radio “The Exorcist Diaries Part 6” where we interview Msgr. Stephen Rossetti on his new book: “Diary of


Why All People Suffer

Suffering is an intrinsic part of God’s plan for mankind and it has four tasks to lead men from sin to salvation. What are they?

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