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On Creative Work: Resistance and Retaliation

“Retaliation is a bitter, evil reproach for the offering of ourselves to the world, stretching out our arms and our hearts and saying,’ here, here is my offering.’ Satan hears an echo in that offering — the echo of a cry from a Cross that marks the end of his reign.  And he retaliates against us for reminding him that God became man that we might become like Him.” – Claire Dwyer


The Grace of Filial Adoption

“What we receive in our baptism is amazing. Something of the eternal Son’s very own relation to the Father, a true share in his eternal Sonship, has been planted in our hearts by grace. As a result of such a stupendous grace, something of the Son’s own Life of standing before the Father in the Spirit of Love is now the life of our hearts too.” – Fr. James Brent, O.P.


Serving Those Who Are “Impure”

Lepers are called the “impure ones,” but, thanks to the work of several associations, Raoul Follereau’s in particular, people’s minds are changing. The medical profession


Jesus’ Story and Our Story

“Jesus does not expect this transformation to happen all at once. It’s a gradual process that happens over time. Like any great story, ours has moments of triumph, moments of loss and heartache, moments of betrayal, much adversity, and many setbacks.” – Fr. Derek Sakowski


The Grace to Be Jesus

“There is no union greater or more radical than the oneness between Jesus Christ and his followers who live by grace.” – Fr. James Brent, O.P.


Exorcist Diary: Satan’s Spirit of Rebellion

“A spirit of rebellion predates the Garden of Eden. Satan and his angelic followers were the first to rebel. The Evil One has been fomenting rebellion and chaos ever since.” – Monsignor Stephen Rossetti


The Filial Prayer

“True life is found in living the one prayer that saves the world – the filial prayer of Jesus Christ.”


Exorcist Diary: Demons Tortured by St. Michael Prayer

“I noted especially David’s comment about the St. Michael prayer: it frightens demons, causes them intense pain, and they scream in agony. I will be more diligent in using this prayer in our future exorcism sessions.” – Monsignor Stephen Rossetti

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