MaryRuth Hackett

Dr. MaryRuth Hackett loves historical fiction, a good cup of coffee, watching her children play soccer, and traveling as much as possible. She earned a PhD in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Lifespan Human Development, with the goal of helping mothers and fathers better understand themselves and their children. Through her blog Parenting with Peer Review, and podcast Parenting Smarts, she offers parenting tips and insights based on theory, research, and her own practical experience as a wife and mother to four children. She is a contributing author on a number of books and devotions offered through the online women’s ministry Blessed is She, and is currently working on her first non-academic publication on the topic of women’s identity development to be released in 2022.

Articles By MaryRuth Hackett

Only God Can Convert: on Parenting and the Spiritual Life

“As a parent, you introduce your child to the faith, and you live your faith life infused in everything you do, but you can not control or direct your child’s relationship with the Lord. Father Jacque Phillipe says ‘A plant can’t be made to grow by pulling it up’”. – Dr. MaryRuth Hackett

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