Grace Abruzzo

Grace graduated from Franciscan University and has an MA from the Institute of Religious Studies in Dunwoodie, NY. She is a former Program Director of the Narnia Clubs (now Adeo) in NYC and has been a teacher, speaker, retreat leader and catechist for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. For several years she also served in leadership in the Frassati Fellowship in NYC. In 2016 her mother was struck with a mystery illness and Grace left NYC to become her full-time caregiver in upstate NY. Grace loves traveling (especially to destinations with warm water beaches); cooking (especially things with chocolate, wine and/or cheese) and the outdoors (especially when accompanied by her nieces). She has a growing interest in prayer ministry, spiritual direction, and inner healing. Her website is

Articles By Grace Abruzzo

The Lie of Lack

“The Opposition Voice always wishes to deny Gift by highlighting what we don’t have, what is missing, what we think we need. When we find an empty space in our hearts or in our lives, we submit to the greater lie—that we are abandoned, unloved, unlovable—and that we never can or will be filled.” – Grace Abruzzo 


Who is in the Manger?

“Was there something in my manger, where Jesus ought to be?” Grace Abruzzo with a poignant Christmas reflection.


The Charcoal Fire

Peter must see again to the need to be washed, not just externally, but in the deepest place of wounds and weakness. He must walk with Jesus again, being again called to be made new. What was not possible alone is possible in Christ. Peter is called as living witness that even from our sins, God can make something new and even better.

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