Fr. John Keehner

Fr John Keehner, a priest of the Diocese of Youngstown for more than twenty-eight years, is pastor of Saint Paul Parish in North Canton, Ohio, and an adjunct professor of canon law at Saint Mary Seminary in Cleveland, Ohio.

Articles By Fr. John Keehner

God Sees Past Our ‘Game Face’

“In spite of our masks, in spite of our attempts to present an image of ourselves that is perfect, or successful, or politically correct, or even holy, Jesus sees through the pretense.” – Fr. John Keehner


Epiphany–the Coming of Christ our Light

“In celebrating Epiphany—in celebrating God’s manifestation to the nations, we are not celebrating a light that has come and gone, like a flash in the night.  We are not looking back with nostalgia to a better day that can never return.” – Fr. John Keehner

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