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A Devotional Journey Into Easter: Ash Wednesday and Lent

A Devotional Journey into the Easter Mystery shows readers how prayerful participation in the Paschal Mystery brings life, joy, and holiness. It’s a powerful aid for every Christian who seeks to make Lent and Easter a truly life-changing experience.


The Purpose of the Offertory of the Mass

What’s the purpose of the Offertory? Dan Burke and Melissa Elson interview liturgy expert Christopher Carstens and discuss uniting our hearts to God’s heart during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


The Sign of the Cross

Dan Burke and Melissa Elson interview Christopher Carstens about liturgical participation, and the meaning and significance of making the sign of the cross.


Devotional Journey Into the Mass

Dan Burke and guest host, Stephanie Burke, interview Christopher Carstens about his book “A Devotional Journey into the Mass” to help us discover the meaning and beauty of the liturgy.

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