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What Happened to Limbo?

What is Limbo and did it or does it still exist? Fr. Michael Kerper, author of “A Priest Answers 27 Questions” has the answers.


Living the Hidden Years

Not only is the Christian life redeemed in all its moments by a God who entered them to make them holy – but it is also meant to mysteriously extend Christ’s own life, throughout time, in our own. Claire Dwyer reflects on the hidden years.

Divine Intimacy Radio 1400x1400

Q&A – Fear of simplicity, generational sin, and fasting.

Divine Intimacy Radio – Questions and Answers show: Fear of simplicity, generational sin, and fasting.

Topics/Questions Covered in the Show:

Comparing the prayer of simplicity to other meditation
What is the modern relevance of Numbers 14:18
Is scheduling fasting OK?

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