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Exorcist Diary: The Isolation of Hell

“Heaven is love, unity and peace. Hell is hatred and isolation. All of us need the warmth of human connection, otherwise our life becomes a true hell.” – Monsignor Stephen Rossetti


A Horn of Salvation

“At the very moment of proclaiming that his newborn son will be named “John,” Zechariah was flooded with the Holy Spirit and burst into praise – in words that many of us proclaim each morning in the Liturgy of the Hours.” – Fr. Derek Sakowski


Jesus: The Prophet

PROPHET “This is the prophet Jesus from Nazareth of Galilee.” In the darkest hour of the darkest century of human existence, one man single-handedly led


With God, it is Always Yes

“As God’s yes began to take root in my life, it expanded my heart and increased my desire to choose His will and His timing. His yes called me out of myself and my own plans.” – Sarah Damm


How to Enter the Narrow Gate

“Make your way in by the narrow gate.” Christ, our Lord, died for the salvation of all mankind, and we know from Scripture that it


Jump Into the Deep: Septuagesima

“Your Lent could be the most powerful one yet, an invitation to take a deeper dive into the kind of prayer St. Therese described as ‘a burst from my heart, it is a simple glance thrown toward heaven, a cry of thanksgiving and love in times of trial as well as in times of joy.’” – Dan Burke

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