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Exorcist Diary: Demonic Dreams

“People often tell me that they are suffering from demonic dreams. I am always a bit skeptical. But this one caught my eye.” – Monsignor Stephen Rossetti


The Transfiguration of Your Lent

“Jesus does not answer Peter because he knows that staying on the mountain is not an option. His mission, his resolution, is to suffer and die out of love for each and everyone of us.” – Thomas Griffin


Spiritual Direction Questions, Part 3: When Do I Need Life-Long, Vocationally Based Spiritual Direction?

“It is irrefutable that every follower of Jesus needs spiritual direction in their lives according to the workings of grace, Divine providence, individual needs, and circumstances. There are scenarios where members of Christ’s faithful have a need for regular, consistent, life-long spiritual direction.” – Fr. Matthew MacDonald


Exorcist Diary: Our Friends in Heaven

I had been praying for the monks but, in reality, it was they who were interceding for me. I was standing in the midst of saints. I thought, “’My friends, I thank you.’” – Monsignor Stephen Rosetti


The Heavenly Bread

“Though our weeks might be busy and our schedules might be full, the real reason to live is on Sunday. The real reason to live is the Eucharist.” – Fr. James Brent, O.P.


Return to Grace

“Obedience to His love is the foundation of humility, and humility opens the door of the soul to grace. It seems, then, that what God wants most of us this Lent is to return to grace.” – Debra Black

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