Tag: Sacred Space

My Father’s House: On the Sacredness of Our Places and Spaces

“Something hardwired in us tells us, these places are consecrated to resurrect our hope.  And we feel somehow, entering a Basilica, chapel, catacomb, or cell – even after crossing strange seas and deserts – that we have in a mysterious way come home.” Claire Dwyer blogs today on the significance and sacredness of places. 


The Best Conditions for Daily Prayer

Dan Burke and Melissa Elson interview contemplative prayer expert Connie Rossini on Fr. Jacques Philippe’s book “Time for God” and what conditions are best for daily prayer.


The Little Oratory

Dan Burke and Melissa Elson discuss the book “The Little Oratory: A Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home” with author Leila Lawler to help families orient their lives to Christ.

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