How to Set Up a Sacred Space (Video)

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How to Set Up a Sacred Space

In this video, I further explore one of the secrets of the saints regarding how we can better engage in prayer. The idea of the sacred is lost in our time but that doesn’t have to hold us back in restoring this powerful reality in our own homes. When we do this we will find that just as with beautiful architecture, we can speak truth to our bodies and thus be drawn more powerfully into prayer, especially when we struggle. In this video I reveal the details of my own sacred space and offer suggestions for how you might be able to do the same in your home. If you have done so already, please share your ideas in the comment box below.

A Note from Dan Burke:

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This video on how to set up a sacred space in prayer has been provided courtesy of Dan Burke and the Avila Foundation … and is used with permission. Photograph of Dan Burke, used with permission.

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