Finding God through Meditation: What is Prayer?


DivineIntimacyRadioWithDan&MelissaHow does one get started in mental prayer? What are the important elements to having a good prayer life? Dan and Melissa take on complexities of answering the question “What is prayer?” as they discuss the book Finding God Through Meditation by St Peter of Alcántara.


Topics/Questions covered in the show:

  • Answers to the question “What is prayer?”what is prayer
  • How does Jesus’ humanity help to orient us to God the Father and The Blessed Trinity?
  • Why prayer is so much more than “asking for stuff” or doing religious acts that are in some way meritorious or good.
  • Is the recitation of all vocal prayer always actual prayer?
  • How prayer keeps us away from sin.
  • About methods of prayer.
  • What does it mean to call something “sacred”?
  • Three important elements for starting a good prayer life.
  • Why is it important to dedicate a set time for prayer?
  • Some advise for setting up a sacred space for prayer in your home.
  • How do our surroundings help to orient us toward God?
  • Keeping our minds attentive during prayer.


Advent: Dan Burke's Home Manger
Dan Burke’s home altar with manger for Advent (click on picture for larger version)

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