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What is Our Response to the Living Word of God?

What is our response to the Word of God? Are we attentive to it? Do we allow ourselves to be moved to praise, repentance, and gratitude? Do we put it on the proper platform in our lives, giving it a place of primacy in our prayer? Claire Dwyer reflects on today’s readings.


The Purpose of the Offertory of the Mass

What’s the purpose of the Offertory? Dan Burke and Melissa Elson interview liturgy expert Christopher Carstens and discuss uniting our hearts to God’s heart during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


The Sign of the Cross

Dan Burke and Melissa Elson interview Christopher Carstens about liturgical participation, and the meaning and significance of making the sign of the cross.


Participating in Holy Mass

How can we imitate the Blessed Virgin Mary at Mass? Fr. Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen explains in an excerpt from his classic Carmelite meditation book “Divine Intimacy”.


Participation in the Mass

Dan Burke and Melissa Elson interview John Johnson, Associate Director of the Avila Institute, on the importance of our participation in the Mass and how it affects us and all of those around us.

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