An Unusual Christmas Gift for the Godward Heart

An Unusual Christmas Gift for the Godward Heart


When was the last time that you went on retreat? Have you ever given yourself to holy silence? What about that holy loved one that you have such a hard time shopping for? What about that unholy or semi-holy loved one that is working hard to get on the narrow path?

I have an unusual idea for you.

I don’t know about you but I am pretty picky about retreats and retreat centers. Even when some centers have sound retreat masters or speakers, I don’t like contributing to them if they are not serious about the Catholic faith.

Life is too precious to engage with, or support watered down or tainted theology. Unfortunately, the vast majority of retreat centers I have visited, entertain both, or just don’t have good options for retreats. There is one glaring exception. It is a beautiful little secret here in Alabama that is worth the effort to travel to and experience (along with a few other fascinating spots).

The special place I am speaking of is called Casa Maria Convent and Retreat House.

The sisters at Casa Maria are faithful, hospitable, joyful, and completely given to helping the hearts of their retreatants to heaven. Because of their faithfulness and proximity to EWTN, they regularly bring in the best speakers from around the country and the world. Their prices are very reasonable and their grounds are simple, peaceful, and fitting for a holy retreat. I have personally given retreats, taken retreats, and spent hours of prayer there. I strongly recommend it.

When you make the good decision to give yourself or a loved one the gift of a retreat, here is a photo of the beautiful souls that will be praying for you and helping you as you seek the face of God:


When you come, please be sure to plan to visit EWTN (a mile away) and in particular, the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament, which is absolutely extraordinary.

As you are planning your holy adventure, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at and I will reveal one other secret spiritual gem that you would never know about unless you asked – it is quite remarkable.

Here’s a link to the Casa Maria web site and a video of the property or you can type this link into your browser to find out more:

I hope to see you and your loved ones at Casa Maria and EWTN next year.

Yours in Christ,


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