Tag: St. Teresa of Jesus

Jesus the Universal King

How is Jesus the Universal King? When was this solemnity established? And, by whom? Find out as Carmelite Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen reflects on Christ as King of the Universe.

A Matter of Life and Death: What Meditation is! From St Teresa of Avila

I Was Born For You

What is Teresa of Avila’s most famous poem in Avila? Find out when Teresa Tomeo reflects on a recent pilgrimage to Avila and what St. Teresa taught her.


Apostolic Maturity

What does it mean to have apostolic maturity? Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen reflects on this in today’s excerpt from the Carmelite meditation classic “Divine Intimacy”.


What is a Charism? (Part II of II)

What specifically is the Carmelite charism and the charism of the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles? Find out in the conclusion of the two-part series on what a charism is.

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