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Spiritual Direction is NOT Confession

Spiritual Direction is NOT Confession Spiritual direction is not synonymous with confession. The challenge with distinguishing spiritual direction from confession usually comes when the modern


Persevering through Imperfection, Part I

“Above all, we must recognize our own poverty when it comes to persevering through imperfection. Don’t let perfectionist expectations become the enemy of the good.” – Megan Hjelmstad


Healing and the Holy Spirit

“Only Jesus, through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, can liberate us. He breaks our chains, rolls away the stone that is blocking our self-created tomb, calls us forth, unbinds us and pulls off the masks that have obscured our vision.” – Fr. Derek Sakowski


Tantrum in Aisle 10

“One would not expect to find any sort of Divine inspiration in such a scenario as late-night Walmart. But that would be to underestimate the creative ways God finds to crash into our distracted little brains.” – Denise Trull

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