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What if it’s Wonderful? Preparing our Hearts for Pentecost

“With the Spirit, light is more luminous.  Colors are brighter.  Joy is sweeter.  Life is richer.  From the first moments after Pentecost, Christians have known what is it is to suddenly be awakened to the breathtaking presence of God even in the ordinariness of things.” – Claire Dwyer 


Meeting Jesus in the Eucharist

“Although I was raised Catholic and had gone to CCD every year of my childhood and adolescence, I realized that I had been catechized, not evangelized. I had been taught all of the Church’s many teachings, but I had never been introduced to Jesus “one-to-one,” as Mother Teresa says.”- Carrie Miller


Exorcist Diary: Generational Curses

“The sessions were not being fully effective. On an inspiration, the Exorcist asked James, ‘Is there any freemasonry or other cult involvement in your family background?’ James responded, ‘My grandfather was a 33rd degree mason.'” – Monsignor Stephen Rossetti


The Importance of Coping Skills

God’s Mercy Gives Us the Strength to Cope with Life The young Church, after the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles on the first Pentecost,


The Pope’s Exorcist

Join us for this episode of Divine Intimacy Radio “The Pope’s Exorcist” as we talk with Jordan Burke about Fr. Gabriele Amorth’s book on exorcisms,


Exorcist Diary: Demons Are Without Remorse

“Demons are beyond hope. In their absolute and irrevocable rejection of Jesus, they have rejected God’s mercy. However, we humans are never beyond hope in this life, even at our last breath.” – Monsignor Stephen Rossetti

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