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Staying The Course

You were created for a purpose. You are called to fulfill a mission set aside for you before you were conceived. This is true for every single person reading this – and even those who aren’t.

And because of this mission, the enemy wants you stagnant. The less you progress in your spiritual life, the better. Because the less you progress, the farther you are from being who you are called to be. Stagnant really isn’t the right word – you’re backsliding. Because we are either progressing towards heaven, or falling towards hell. The ladder only has two options.

So to fulfill the mission, you pursue God. And inevitably, when you pursue God, when your start climbing that ladder, the enemy attempts to pull you down.

Without fail, the times I experience the most spiritual attack, (which most often presents now as desolation) is when I’m engaging in something I KNOW is Gods will for me, and is furthering the kingdom.

So I learned early, and was given this thought – “how terrified must the enemy be, of what God has planned for me, for him to attack me this hard…” – and the same is true for you.

When the enemy nips at your heels like a stray dog, keep moving forward. Keep climbing the ladder. Because those attacks are really a gift – an indication that you’re headed the right way… and that heaven is winning…

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