Exorcist Diary: Don’t Dialogue with the Devil

Pope Francis has repeatedly warned people against talking to Satan. He said, “If you start talking to Satan you are lost, he is more intelligent than us.” Indeed, Satan is the Father of Lies and a master manipulator of the human psyche. Thus, the Pope admonishes us not to address Satan directly, except to tell him to leave.

Perhaps the only exception is during an exorcism. In such cases, the exorcist may command the demons to say their names, how they entered, when they will leave, and any other information directly related to the mission of casting the demons out. But, no more.

One day I made a mistake. The demon said he was “Lucifer.” Later the name “Satan” surfaced. I commanded him, “Are they the same entity?” The response was, “They are the same.” I was then reminded of something I had just read; Fr. Gabriel Amorth, the famous exorcist of Rome, had said he thought they were two different entities. So, I said as much: “Fr Amorth said they are two different beings.”

A mistake. I had veered into an area of curiosity which, in this case, is a low level sin of pride. This gave the demons an opening and they jumped at it! For the next 24 hours, I was pummeled with demonic obsessions in my head– all sorts of wild temptations and attacks. Fortunately, with repentance and prayer, it finally stopped.

Pope Francis’ admonition against talking to Satan is important, not only because Satan will outwit us, but also it will give him an opening into our heads. Being pummeled by demonic obsessions is no fun, at best. At worst, it can lead to dire consequences. I assure you; I am now much more careful not to cross the line.

This post was published originally on Catholicexorcism.org and is republished with permission.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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