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Too Little or Too Much Time in Mental Prayer?

Join us for this episode of Divine Intimacy Radio “Too Little or Too Much Time in Mental Prayer?” in which we answer user-submitted questions about mental prayer!

If you would like to see the special live audience Q&A which takes place after the show is over, make sure to watch the video above!

(Live audience Q&A is edited out of the podcast audio due to time restraints and can only be seen on video.)

The questions answered on today’s show:

What does your morning prayer look like? (What does a conversation with God look/sound like?)

How do I know if I’m praying long enough, or if I am devoting too much time to prayer and should keep it to a certain time limit? What is the “Prayer of quiet”?

Sometimes I just want to sit and think quietly about Jesus and how much he has done for me and how much he loves me. Is it OK to just talk to him on my own without reading any scripture first?

?I have been asked several times: “Is prayer supposed to be two-way?” “What if I feel like I am doing all the talking?” “Should I feel His presence?”

How do I know if I’m doing mental prayer “right”?

What should you do when you feel dryness or distractions in prayer?

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