Finding God through Meditation – Mental Prayer & Centering Prayer

St Peter of Alcantara on Mental Prayer
Finding God through Meditation

What is “centering prayer”? What did Sts Peter of Alcántara and Teresa of Avila teach about good prayer? Dan and Melissa reflect on the differences between good prayer and false prayer, as found in St Peter of Alcántara’s book Finding God through Meditation.

Topics/Questions covered in the show:

  • Are there incorrect ways to pray?
  • What did Jesus have to say about prayer?
  • How does the Catholic Church relate to non-Christian religions?
  • The asceticism of St Peter.
  • Do St Peter’s thoughts on prayer affirm or contradict St Teresa of Avila’s teaching?
  • Do we need to empty our minds in order to pray well?
  • How should we orient our minds for good prayer?
  • What does St Teresa mean by “human industry” regarding prayer?
  • Why are some methods of prayer good and others not good?
  • If the spiritual life is supposed to be simple, why is so much written about it?
  • Why are so many people drawn to centering prayer?


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