Practical Benefits of Prayer: 30 Days w/ Teresa of Avila Day 17

Practical Benefits of Prayer:
30 Days with Teresa of Avila
Day 17 Reflections

Join Dan and Melissa as they reflect on letters from St. Teresa from the book 30 Days with Teresa of Avila. Today’s letter reveals some of the Saint’s personal tragedies and how she deals with them.

Topics/Questions covered in the show:

  • How suffering allows us to more fully experience joy.30DaysWithTeresaOfAvila
  • What is the relationship between contrast and clarity in the spiritual life?
  • What does it mean to be a contemplative?
  • Does detachment mean a lack of emotion?
  • Some practical benefits of prayer and the contemplative life.
  • How prayer can give us the tools to function effectively in everyday life.
  • Making time for adoration.


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