Tag: Suffering

Finding Healing Through Brokenness and Forgiveness

“It would be nice if we didn’t have to suffer, but isn’t that the story of life? Viewed in the light of grace—through the lens of the crucifix—the Father allows evil because it allows things to happen that wouldn’t have been otherwise possible.” – Fr. John Burns


Trust the Divine Author

“Far from meaningless, all our struggles and all our little deaths serve a greater purpose, in union with Jesus’ death and Resurrection.” – Kimberly Andrich


More Than We Can Handle?

“Jesus does not want his Church to be a place of mere survival, but God’s own hospital in which we experience healing, redemption, restoration, and total transformation.” – Fr. Derek Sakowski


John Paul II: The Light Always Wins

“For John Paul II, the beginning and the end were similar in that they were defined by difficulty and trial. In the midst of so much hardship and pain, he was looked upon as a beacon of hope.” – Thomas Griffin

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