What is a dynamic Catholic? To me, these are folks who give all they have to God and neighbor in a way that is energetic, creative, and that yields an impact wherever they go. Peter Howard, the author of what follows, is a dynamic Catholic. As such, we have been blessed to have him teaching at the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation and now he is working to expand his public speaking. When I heard of his plans, I offered to provide this endorsement along with other opportunities for him to serve in our mission at the Avila Foundation. If you are looking for a speaker for an upcoming event, you won’t be disappointed if you call on Peter. I have no doubt that his enthusiasm will be contagious and that you, too, will be energized, challenged, and encouraged in unexpected ways. You have my unreserved recommendation for Peter, and here’s a bit more from his hand as to why.

Yours in Christ, Dan Burke – President/Founder – The Avila Foundation

What is Your Why?


The most important question we can ask ourselves is “What is my why?” How many of us have a clear answer of what that is? Why are we doing anything that we do? Do we live with a clear purpose and mission in mind? How does this apply to our Catholic identity? How does it apply to our intellectual formation? How does it apply to our spiritual life? And for those who are married, this is the most important question you need answered.

All that we do materially, intellectually and spiritually is bound up on this question, whether we have asked it or not. And if we haven’t asked it, then we need to pause and make it our top priority because it deals with one’s unrepeatable relationship with God, one’s neighbor, his/her spouse, one’s children and one’s mission. Each of us has been created for a specific purpose and for something great. Do you know what it is for you? For your family?

Reflecting on this in my own life has brought much excitement because once you know God’s purpose for your life, you will find peace no matter what challenges come with that discovery and mission. My greatest joy comes from being an instrument to inspire others to rediscover the mysteries of our Catholic faith. But I am learning more and more that integral to these rediscoveries is also the discovery of one’s why.

For these reasons I am excited to share with you the following talks I am now booking with various audiences around the country and, I pray, internationally. These are all subjects for which I have a great passion, and I look forward to sharing them with you, your parish, your conference, retreat or special event. Details on how to invite me are at the end of the titles.

  1. holyfamily_icon“The Family Why”:
  • Are you wondering why your family is struggling to achieve its dreams? Are you asking yourself why your children are struggling so much to live amidst a culture orchestrated to counter everything you are teaching them? Do you wonder why, despite all you efforts to transmit the faith to your kids, they seem to be going further and further off “the Way” that leads to salvation? Is your marriage just “stuck” or even spiraling downward into a seemingly hopeless disaster? Are you wondering what that “missing ingredient” is that can put your marriage and family back on the right path and be stronger than ever? If any of these questions apply to you, then this talk is for YOU! In this talk we will “keep it real” and look at why the most important question to unite your family and make you a formidable force in transforming the modern culture is understanding your family “Why”.
  1. Only Heroic Families Will Survive
  • This is surely a provocative title and is not meant to be taken lightly. When we look at the signs of our times and listen to the voice of the Church – especially through the successors of St. Peter – we see a never-before urgency to bring our selves, families and culture back to Christ. The stakes have never been higher. So, without fear, we will reflect on these signs from earth and from heaven as heralded and interpreted by the Church to help us not only see, but moreover direct our efforts to lead families and culture back to the truth about God, about man and about creation. Nothing less than an heroic effort will suffice to fight victoriously in the war against the family and truly change this world desperate for Christ! This is the greatest time in history to be a Catholic! Find out why!
  1. BlessedVirginMarySassoferratoMadonnaInPrayerRestoredTraditionsREQUIRES HOT LINKThe Triumph of Our Modern Crisis Will Come Through Mary!”
  • We are living in the most extraordinary age of Mary the world has ever known. Why? What is the significance of her visitations to the Church and the world since 1830? What hope do they bring a world spiraling into its darkest period in history? How does Mary’s activity in the modern world announce a new era of the Holy Spirit? What role does Mary play in the new evangelization and what should YOU do about all of this? In this talk, we will tackle these questions and reflect on the biblical blueprint that unveils how Mary will lead the Church in its triumph over the great evil of our times and into the promised era of peace.
  1. “The Prophetic Importance of Pope Francis’s Holy Year of Mercy”
  • Pope Francis has called for a special Jubilee that will revolve around a “Holy Year of Mercy.” Why is this so important in our troublesome times? How is the message of Divine Mercy the answer to a deeply wounded civilization? In this talk, I will speak on how this act of Pope Francis is both prophetic and necessary, for Jesus told St. Faustina: “The world will not have peace until it turns to the fount of my mercy.”
  1. VenFultonJSheenNYWTS“Venerable Fulton J. Sheen: Icon for the New Evangelization and a Prophet for Our Times”
  • Among the greatest figures of the 20th century is undoubtedly Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. His intellectual genius, his ability to communicate the truths of life and of the Catholic Faith, and the number of souls he brought to Christ and His Church rank him among the greatest evangelizers of the modern age. What was the secret of his success and why are his teachings and witness more relevant now then when he lived? I deeply love this great man, and I will enjoy unpacking these questions with you, laying out Sheen’s keys to becoming the saints and evangelizers we have been called to be in the new evangelization.

These talks are designed both to stand alone or be part of a series or retreat. It all depends on the type of event you are hosting. In the hope I can be of service to your community or event, I heartily invite you to visit http://heroicfamilies.com/invite where you will learn how to schedule an event with me. You can also send inquiries and invitations to invite@heroicfamilies.com. From there we can schedule a time to speak in person about your event. I look forward to hearing from you! You and I have a great mission to accomplish. Let’s do it together, and let’s do it now!

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