Tag: Pope Francis

Mary, Mother of the Church

Why has Pope Francis just instituted a new feast titled “Mary, Mother of the Church”? Find out more about this memorial to be celebrated immediately after Pentecost.


Prosecuting the Pope

Is it healthy to criticize Pope Francis? How much is too much? Therapist Allison Ricciardi, L.M.H.C. reflects on what can come of “prosecuting” the Pope.


Intimacy and Evangelizing — A Heart for Evangelizing

What is new about the “New Evangelization”? Dr. Joseph Hollcraft gives us a peek into his new book “A Heart for Evangelizing” as he talks about the ardor, methods, and expression of evangelization that bring it to life in the here and now.


A Contemplation that Hears Heaven

How does contemplation hear heaven? How does it reflect joy? What form does it take? Find out how Dr. Anthony Lilles describes the gift of contemplation and how it is safeguarded by the Church against charlatans.

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