Yoga Series


A listing of posts on our site specifically on yoga and its history and dangers. Additional posts will be added as they are published.  Please check back on this site from time to time.


for post on yoga seriesYoga Series by Fr. Ezra Sullivan:


Divine Intimacy Radio and Podcast: Yoga Series



Some Other Posts which Touch on Yoga in some way:


Art for this post on the Yoga series posts on Catholic Spiritual Direction: Yoga Meditation Position, Cornelius383, own work, 25 April 2012, CC, Wikimedia Commons. Mirror of Divine Intimacy Radio feature image thumbnail courtesy Divine Intimacy Radio, used with permission. Feature Image Art:  Yogin with Six Chakras, India, Punjab Hills, Kangra, late 1700s, National Museau, PD-US, PD-India, PD-Art, Wikimedia Commons.

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