Can I Trust the Mercy Center Spiritual Direction Training Program?

Can I Trust the Mercy Center Spiritual Direction Training Program?

Dear Dan, I was searching for your spiritual direction training programs in my area and noticed an advertisement for the Mercy Center in Colorado Springs. Have you had a chance to evaluate them? Do you recommend them?

EnneagramDear friend, the answer is yes I have had a chance to evaluate their program and another one in the area provided by Benet Hill Monastery and Retreat center. I wouldn’t recommend either nor would I recommend seeking spiritual direction from anyone associated with either program. The central reason is that the Mercy Center and Benet Hill are both steeped in a New Age syncretism that is spiritually dangerous and incompatible with Catholic spirituality.

If you would like to learn more, the Holy See provides a helpful document on the subject entitled Jesus Christ, the Bearer of the Water of Life  explaining the dangers of many of the practices that are taught at the Mercy Center, Benet Hill, and Benet Pines. As for the evaluation of any retreat center or spiritual program, this document is a great guide to understanding and uncovering those things that are spiritually harmful and that should be avoided.

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