Three Hearts: A Retreat Guide on the Sacrament of Marriage

Three Hearts -Marriage a Retreat Guide
The newest Retreat Guide from, “Three Hearts: A Retreat Guide on the Sacrament of Marriage“, will be a great way to celebrate with your valentine and loved ones. Perfect for any Marriage Preparation Program, Renewal of Vows Retreat, rehearsal dinner, or date night for discovering and deepening in the vision God has for marriage.

In the first meditation, we use the liturgical texts from the marriage ceremony to reflect deeply on God’s vision for marriage as an image of the Trinity.
In the second meditation, we reflect on some texts in light of every married couple’s threefold mission.
In the conference, we get practical in looking at attitudes and actions that can help married couples meet one of their biggest challenges – effective communication.

By creating the human family in his own image, God created every one of us with a vocation to love. So, if you are not yet married, this Retreat Guide is for you too. It will help you keep an eye on the future, to prepare yourself to be the kind of spouse you really want to be. For those of us following a celibate vocation in some form of consecrated life, we too can benefit from this Retreat Guide in relation to our consecrated community, and the Church institution that we minister to.


Art for this post on Three Hearts: A Retreat Guide on the Sacrament of Marriage (by Father John Bartunek): courtesy of Father John Bartunek and used with permission.

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