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Peace Be with You

Feelings Feeling is a force God gives you for willing and working with greater energy and constancy. But, like steam in a locomotive, it is


Ash Wednesday Catholics: What are They Saying to Us?

“If we want Ash Wednesday Catholics to become All Sunday Catholics, maybe we can learn to build on what brings them in the first place and be less anxious to echo the opening words of Jesus’ public ministry, ‘Repent and Believe the Gospel!’” – Monsignor Charles Pope


Rooting Out Hidden Faults

The Reading of the New Testament The Particular Examen begins ordinarily with the following prayer: O Jesus, living in Mary, come and live in Thy


Spiritual Direction: My Greatest Joy

“Despite the enormous love and gratitude I have for my vocation to the priesthood, my ministry of spiritual direction remains, unexpectedly, the greatest joy of my life.” – Fr. Jeremiah Shryock


Life By A Thousand Aspirations

“If a thousand small cuts can rob a man of his breath, it should follow that the so-called ejaculations of praise, petition, adoration, and thanksgiving for a Christian can help lead a man to life.” – Rob Marco

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