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Knowing Your Sins; Meditating More Effectively

How can we become more aware of our sins? How does disposition help us to meditate more effectively? Dan and Melissa answer these questions as they reflect on the book “Finding God Through Meditation” by St Peter of Alcántara.


Which Rosary Should I Pray?

Why are there different rosaries? Which one should I pray? Father John Bartunek explains why there are differences between various rosaries and provides helpful links as well.


The Prayer of Jesus

When did Jesus pray? What was His prayer like? Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen reflects on this in an excerpt from the Carmelite spirituality classic “Divine Intimacy”.


Sanctity and the Plenitude of Grace

Can holiness be attained by everyone? See what Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen has to say on this and the fullness of grace in this excerpt from the Carmelite meditation classic “Divine Intimacy”.

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