Note: The following is a prayer for teachers to pray for themselves and a prayer for the world to pray for teachers as we begin another school year. Its format is slightly modeled on the Litany of Humility so that the prayer can boil down what is essential and be more easily taken to heart. Teachers are critical leaders for our children and their ability to portray Christian virtues is what they are most remembered for. Let us pray for them, abundantly, as school begins again. If you are a teacher please replace the word “teachers” with the word “me.”

For the confidence to relay the truth in love, Jesus grant teachers the grace to be wise.

For the ability to always be present to the student in front of them, Jesus grant teachers the grace to be in it.

For the capacity to deal with the chaos that a classroom can bring, Jesus grant teachers the grace to be patient.

For the knowledge that their work is critically important and valuable, Jesus grant teachers the grace to know it.

For the endurance to continue even when it appears that their efforts are meaningless, Jesus grant teachers the grace to persevere.

For the virtue of faith to be communicated through their words, Jesus grant teachers the grace to be disciples.

For the virtue of hope to be instilled in their students through their witness, Jesus grant teachers the grace to trust in You.

For the virtue of love to be experienced by their students, Jesus grant teachers the grace to communicate Your heart.

Jesus, teacher of all teachers, grant that all schools will be filled with Your presence and come to understand that all Truth is ultimately seated on your throne. May every student come to greater knowledge this year and come to see You as a real living person who is the way, the truth, and the life.


Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

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