Psalm Of Tribulation | Reflection

Psalm Of Tribulation | Reflection

In tribulation immediately draw near to God with confidence, and you will receive strength, enlightenment, and instruction. – St. John of the Cross

Why, O my broken flesh, do I so quickly forget the grace and guidance of the lover of my soul as soon as I am troubled?

Why, O my broken mind, do I believe I can solve whatever problem is ahead of me, or defeat that wish seeks my downfall?

Forgetfulness and false confidence fed by fear and anxiety. Lies whispered or lies told by the enemy or my own fallen nature. Where is the peace? Where is my refuge?

While I’m turned inward battling and fretting with myself, the Lord stands nearby arms outstretched waiting for my return to him.

He patiently waits for my surrender, my real surrender, where I leave the prison of my wants and desires and throw myself into his arms saying “thy will be done in all things…”

Lord help us align our hearts to your heart. Give us your desire. Unite our wills to your perfect will. Help us from turning inward in times of trouble but instead to seek your outstretched arms. Take my life and everything in it Lord, it all belongs to you.

Find the written reflection, and quote used for todays show on @DoThe_HarderThing Instagram.

Disclaimer: Not all views expressed in this show by the host or any of the guests, past or future, represent Catholic Spiritual Direction or anyone associated with Catholic Spiritual Direction.

The purpose of the show is to facilitate an engaging and thoughtful conversation with the desire and goal of deepening all aspects and understanding of the Catholic Faith. This requires asking hard questions, engaging in conversations that may be uncomfortable, intellectual honesty, and above all, full allegiance and surrender to Christ and His Church. Thank you for listening.

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