Some time ago, we had one spouse who was manifesting demonic symptoms. Upon deeper investigation, it became clear that the “open door” to the demonic actually came through the other spouse. The latter spouse had the moral problem, not the former. Yet, the spouse without the problem was manifesting demonic symptoms.

Thus, it was important to have both spouses present when we performed the deliverance prayers. The one spouse with the symptoms would have a hard time being freed without the other spouses’ cooperation and conversion. As a matter of course, we like to have both spouses present for any prayer sessions.

The sacrament of marriage speaks of the two becoming one. Our experience suggests this is a reality. Spouses become one flesh and share the ups and downs, graces and failures. They should pray together, worship together, and support each other on the path to holiness. And before one spouse engages in any untoward behavior, he/she might consider the harm it can cause not only to self, but to their “other flesh.”

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