Exorcist Diary: “We Won! He Didn’t Rise!”

In the midst of a solemn exorcism, we were invoking the power of the resurrection of Jesus and out of the demon’s mouth comes a jubilant, “We won! We won! He didn’t rise.” At this, the priests in the room spontaneously broke out in laughter. I added, “This demon needs a history lesson.”

Despite everything, demons have a hard time admitting the truth. They are especially in denial about the fact that they have lost the battle and are doomed to the darkness forever.

Demons will only admit the truth under duress. To acknowledge the truth is to acknowledge Jesus who is the Truth. This is why the “Rite of Exorcism” is so powerful. As one senior exorcist put it: “It’s like pouring the Truth down their throats.” It constantly reminds them of their defeat.

Demons are blind to the world of grace. They cannot “see” grace or understand its working. Most importantly, they do not “see” the resurrection. The resurrected Christ is perceived by the eyes of faith.

We know that Christ is risen by the eyes of our faith. Because of this, there resides in our hearts a great hope which occasionally bursts into joy. Among demons, there is neither.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

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