St. Joseph: Model Husband and Father

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“Fatherhood is the mission of every man–a mission greatly needed in each family, and in the larger society.  A good father fulfills his mission in the daily habit of being present to each member of the family…Even though St. Joseph is mentioned numerous times in the Gospel, no words of his are recorded.  What mattered was that he was there: attentively present to Mary and Jesus, protecting them from the savagery of Herod, sheltering them as they escaped to Egypt, teaching Jesus the skills of carpentry, and thousands of other things.

“St. Joseph is the epitome of the quiet, ordinary person moving behind the scenes, yet used by God to shape history with quiet guidance, protection, holiness, and acceptance of God’s will.”  (Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, Diocese of Phoenix)

Join Bishop Olmsted and others around the world in meditating on the life of St. Joseph and in joining the Church in prayer on his feast day in the very year dedicated to him.


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