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Liturgical Living: Advent

“While Advent can be a time of anxiety and chaos, allow these four weeks to prepare us for the peace and joy of Jesus Christ. Intentionally make small changes, so when the Christ child arrives, we will anxiously await to greet and welcome Him into our homes.” – Adam Minihan


Feast of the Holy Family

What can we learn from Nazareth? Blessed Pope Paul VI explains what Jesus’ family can teach us on the Feast of the Holy Family today.


The Family as Domestic Church: How She Hands on Faith (Part III of IV)

What does it mean to be prophet and king in the secular world as part of the family as the domestic Church? Liz Estler continues her examination of the family as domestic Church in Part 3 of this four-part series by looking specifically at how parents function as prophets and kings within their domestic Church.

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