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September 4, 2018 – Resources Edition: David Anders, How the Catholic Church Saved my Marriage – Part 1


What brought a loving Protestant couple’s marriage to ruins and how did the Catholic Church heal this divide? Join Dan Burke and Melissa Elson in part one of their interview with Dr. David Anders about his book, The Catholic Church Saved My Marriage. 

Topics/Questions Covered in the Show:anders

  • What converted David from a staunch Protestant background to find the beauty and truth of the Catholic Church?
  • What were some of the lies Dr. Anders believed about Catholicism?
  • Why was Dr. Anders’ conversion so difficult for him?
  • What happened during their marriage to bring about such feelings of animosity towards each other?
  • How did the Catholic Church heal the marriage?
  • Is there any marriage preparation in modern Protestantism to help prepare the couple for the challenges they may face in their lives as husband and wife?

Resources:The Catholic Church Saved My Marriage

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