Prayer Need & Centering Prayer: Finding God through Meditation

Centering Prayer and the Necessity of Prayer

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What is “centering prayer”? Can it lead to contemplation? Do I need to pray to be saved? Dan and Melissa discuss the necessity of prayer and answer these questions and more as they reflect on the book Finding God Through Meditation by St Peter of Alcántara.


Topics/Questions covered in the show:

  • Is contemplation the same thing as centering prayer?
  • Can contemplation be attained or prepared for through the centering prayer method?
  • What does the Catholic Church say about centering prayer?
  • What’s wrong with the concept of “letting thoughts go”?
  • Is prayer necessary for salvation?
  • What does St Bonaventure say about prayer?
  • How do I become holy?
  • How does mental prayer help keep us on “the narrow way” to holiness?
  • Prayer as a means of keeping our spiritual vision clear.
  • Does a life of faith without prayer make any sense?


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