Weakness or Blessing? Spiritual Transformation

Weakness or Blessing? Spiritual Transformation

GuercinoGodTheFather(detail)BlessingDetail for post on weakness or blessingAs we prepare for Thanksgiving in the United States a week from today on Thursday, November 26th this year, Father Michael Najim challenges us to think differently. He has some profound thoughts for how we can see our weaknesses, our struggles in a new light, as a gift and blessing from the Lord. These issues could be anything: anger, impatience, sloth, lust, one of the seven deadly sins, something we’re dealing with in our lives that we just wish we didn’t have.  Could they be a doorway to fulfillment and holiness in Him? Fr. Najim writes:

“We all have weaknesses that we wish we just didn’t have.  But what if your greatest weakness is actually your greatest blessing?  I invite you to watch this…and be open to a transformation in your thinking.”


Previously published on Fr. Najim’s blog http://liveholiness.com/

Art for this post on weakness or blessing: Detail from God the Father [God the Father Blessing], Guercino, ca 1635-1640, PD-US, Wikimedia Commons.

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