In Conversation With God: Book Recommendation

In Conversation with God:
Book Recommendation
from Father Michael Najim


Father Michael Najim recommends the tool of daily spiritual reading as a wonderful thing to incorporate into your daily spiritual plan of life.  Reading a good spiritual book helps stoke the fire of God’s love in your heart, even if it is just ten or fifteen minutes a day.  It helps to deepen our relationship with the Lord.  We also grow in knowledge and faith when we read the spiritual masters and the Doctors of the Church.

The meditation book set mentioned by Fr. Najim is called “In Conversation with God” (7 volume set) by Father Francis Fernández Carvajal, an author who we recommend and who has been listed in our resources section here on site in the past. If you are interested in it but would like to obtain the books individually, you can also do so by clicking on these titles:

Volume 1 (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany)

Volume 2 (Lent, Holy Week, Eastertide)

Volume 3 (Ordinary Time Weeks 1-12)

Volume 4 (Ordinary Time Weeks 13-23)

Volume 5 (Ordinary Time Weeks 24-34)

Volume 6 (Special Feasts January-June)

Volume 7 (Special Feasts July-December)


Art: The video for this post on “In Conversation with God” was originally published on Fr. Najim’s former blog in 2012. We are using it here, with thanks, courtesy of Fr. Michael Najim and also with his permission.

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