I need a Catholic perspective on the New Age movement

Dear Father John, in my teen years I spent a few years in the Pentecostal world of faith. But when I Catholic perspectivewent to university I discovered Catholicism and made it my faith home. This past year I have been on a search to deepen and renew my Catholic journey. Today I was starting to read my The Better Part and on page 22 the author refers to a document in the Vatican called Jesus Christ: the Bearer of the Water of Life. I looked it up and read the chapter headings and my first instinct is I came to your site for sound Catholic material and am struggling because a good friend of mine is into all the new age power of now stuff and I thought am I going to jeopardize my journey if I read it since my faith is so young? Do you have any advice on this?

What a beautiful question! Thank God that he has given you such a fresh and attentive love for your Catholic faith. Your desire to avoid reading anything that may lead you astray is, without any doubt, a gift of the Holy Spirit. One of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit is “fear of the Lord.” This refers to a healthy fear, a kind of sixth sense regarding occasions of sin or situations or even people that may disturb your soul or put you in danger. What an encouragement to see this powerful gift so active and strong in your question!

“The Water of Life” document poses no threat to your faith. It explains some basic principles of our faith, and interprets some of the New Age trends and half-truths in light of those principles. I am sure you will find guidance and wisdom when you read it, though if you are new to theology, you may find parts of it complex – don’t worry about that.

Another document written about New Age may be even more helpful for you, however. It is called “A Call to Vigilance” and was published by the Cardinal Archbishop of Mexico City a few years ago. Less theological in its language and explanations, you will find it more practical, and maybe more relevant to the kinds of things that come up in conversations with your friend. Here is a link to the English translation on EWTN’s website: http://www.ewtn.com/library/bishops/acall.htm.

Reading about threats and dangers to our faith is important, but I want encourage you to continue reading positive things as well. The best way to get rid of the darkness is to turn on a light. So, the more you can learn to live deeply the sacraments of the Eucharist and confession, and the more you can learn to study and pray over the sacred Scriptures (as The Better Part is designed to help you do), the more you will advance in your relationship with God and your knowledge of Jesus Christ. And that, in the end, is what will fill your soul with the other gifts of the Holy Spirit, including the gifts of Knowledge and Counsel, which will inspire you with the right things to say and do as you try to share with others the hope, the joy, and the meaning that you have begun to find in our beautiful and inexhaustible Catholic faith.

I promise to say a prayer for you and for your friend. God bless you!

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