Sleep Eludes Me

Sleep Eludes Me
Sleep Eludes Me

Sleep eludes me
Night encompasses me without rest
Oh the glorious day when I can peacefully rest in His arms!


This prose is from a writer who goes by the pseudonym of Anonymous. He or she relates how tortured they are, an almost unbearable misery and ordeal, the hardship of something so personal, so anguished as to defy explanation. It talks poignantly about the suffering of not being able to sleep, the suffering of insomnia and restlessness, and the suffering of a seemingly endless night. And, how much one looks forward to the day when he or she can rest in God … when it will be for ever and ever the day of endless day, the day of Heaven when there will be no need for light for the Lord God will our light.


Art for this post entitled Sleep Eludes Me: Close-Up Face, Mortification7, own work, 22 July 2010, PD-Worldwide, Wikimedia Commons.

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