Brother Lawrence – Continual Conversation With God

Dear Reverend and very honored Mother,

continual conversation with GodTo become truly spiritual the heart must be empty of all other things, since God desires to be its only Master. And since He cannot be its Master without emptying it of all that is not Himself, He is prevented from doing all that He desires if it is not empty.

There is no manner of life in the world more sweet or more delicious than continual conversation with God. They alone can understand it who practice it and savor it. I do not advise you, however, to practice it for this motive. The desire for spiritual consolation must not be our purpose in carrying on this practice. Instead, let us do it out of love for God and because it is His will.

If I were a preacher, I would not preach anything else than the practice of the presence of God; and if I were a spiritual director, I would advise it to everyone – so much do I believe it necessary and yes, even easy.

Oh! If we only knew how much we need the grace and help of God, we would never lose sight of Him, not even for a moment. Believe me; make a holy and firm resolve never voluntarily to withdraw yourself from God’s grace from this time on. Live the rest of your days in God’s holy presence, even if He judges it fitting to deprive you of all consolations of Heaven and earth for the sake of His love. Put your hand to the plough. If you work as you should, be assured that you will soon see the fruit of your efforts. I will help you through my prayers, poor though they may be. I commend myself earnestly to your prayers and to those of your community, being to all, and to you more particularly.

Your humble servant,

Brother Lawrence

Taken from the third letter of “Practicing the Presence of God


Art for this post on Brother Lawrence — Continual Conversation with God: Sepia detail of Brother Lawrence in the Kitchen, author unknown, 1900, PD-Author’s life plus 70 years or less, Wikimedia Commons.

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