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Prayers for Married CouplesOn our last post about Marriage Spirituality Rachel asked,

“I like these but is there a prayer that encompasses more of the life and responsibilities spouses share together such as parenting, etc.”

So – this prayer book recommendation is just for you Rachel! Please purchase from us HERE to support this site.

Here’s a summary:

Couples marry intending to share everything. But what about prayer? Do you share your conversations with God? Prayers for Married Couples helps you do just that. It contains over seventy-five prayers that express the hopes, the concerns, and the dreams of today’s married couple. With this book as your guide, the two of you can share, aloud, prayers reflecting a rainbow of circumstances, including:

–   Let Us Learn to Love as You Do
–   Prayer for Troubled Times
–   Staying in Love
–   On Our Anniversary
–   Finding Time for Our Children
–   Accepting Our Failures

As author Renee Bartkowski says, “This is a book that can add a new and deeper dimension to marriage. It can draw couples closer together into a stronger, more spiritual union with God and into a more intimate, perceptive relationship with each other.” Renee has been happily married for many years. She has written several books for children. She wrote Prayers for Married Couples because, even after enjoying many fulfilling years of married life, she and her husband still found it difficult to pray together regularly and needed a book to guide them.

Seek Him – Find Him – Follow Him – Together

Dan and Stephanie Burke


Art for this post on marriage spirituality – book recommendation: Prayers for Married Couples by Renee Bartowski book cover used with permission. Feature Image art: Marriage Cross Christian Symbol, AnonMoos, 26 October 2010 own work, PD-Worldwide, Wikimedia Commons.

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